How to Label Copic Ciao markers

If you are a Copic Ciao markers user then I know that you have the same problem as I do, which is the missing label on the cap. Compared to Copic Sketch markers, the color number and the color name are imprinted on the barrel instead of on the cap. So while working on a … Continue Reading

How to make your own Cubbie

In this guide I will explain how to make your own cubbie (stationary storage unit), step by step. This unit includes 10 compartments which will fit 100 Copic Various Ink refills perfectly (10 refills for each compartment). This will give you the idea of the size of the compartments. Note: The dimensions that I use … Continue Reading

How to refill your Copic Markers

Your copic markers are running out of ink? Instead of throwing your marker away and buying a brand new one as a replacement, get yourself the Copic Various Ink refill. These refills are quite expensive but 1 can refill a marker up to 15 times! How’s that? You are saving a huge amount of money. So … Continue Reading

Where to buy Copic markers in Tokyo

If you plan to get copic markers while visiting Japan, here are some tips to make the most of your time and money. First of all let’s get started with the basics. You will need the following: Shopping list (Know/plan what will you get) Passport Cash or credit card (make sure you will spend more … Continue Reading