If you are a Copic Ciao markers user then I know that you have the same problem as I do, which is the missing label on the cap. Compared to Copic Sketch markers, the color number and the color name are imprinted on the barrel instead of on the cap.

So while working on a drawing, I couldn’t swiftly grab the specific color that I want. For some, this is not a deal breaker since the caps are colored- which in a way, sort of like an indicator. This would not be a problem if you have like 3 markers for each color tones. If you have a huge collection of markers, it is going to be quite tricky.

So the solution is quite simple- I labelled the caps of my copic ciao markers. Of course each and every one of them, and yes- that means both sides of each marker!

All you need to do is to print the color number twice on a normal printer paper or any paper of your choosing. I use Times New Roman as my font, size 6. If you’re using Microsoft Word, make sure to create multiple columns so you can print more numbers on one paper- (save paper, save money, save the planet :P)

Tips: Since the cap is quite small, you probably need a smaller font size for color numbers with 5 characters like BG000.

Tips 2: You can simplify the color numbers e.g. BG05 to BG5. That way you don’t need to resize the font (also save ink, save money, save..the planet?)

Tips 3: I dont label both my black and colorless blender markers. Simply because they are easily recognizable.

Next is to punch out the numbers with a standard hole puncher. If you have a single hole puncher, it would be easier. If not, you would have to compromise:

So next is quite self-explanatory. You just need to stick the punched out lables on the cap. I use UHU adhesive glue but they don’t stick that well. After a while, some of the labels tend to peel off. You could try use a hot glue gun instead. (If you tried this and it works well, please let me know below!)

So that’s it! This is a long process and to some extent, quite intricate but you will thank me and yourself later for doing this. If you would like to have my labels, you can download the word-document here: Copic-Ciao-labels

Since the labels are only intended for Copic Ciao markers, keep in mind that there will be no color numbers for other Copic marker types in this document.

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Thank you so very much for this very helpful idea. You can probably imagine what it’s like to hunt for a certain marker, lol.

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