Your copic markers are running out of ink? Instead of throwing your marker away and buying a brand new one as a replacement, get yourself the Copic Various Ink refill. These refills are quite expensive but 1 can refill a marker up to 15 times! How’s that? You are saving a huge amount of money.

So when and how do you refill your marker? If the nib is showing white spots or if it squeaks while laying down your marker, then you probably would need to refill your marker.

In the video above, i showed you how to refill the marker in the “easy way”. Alternatively, you can take out the nib, and fill the ink in the barrel through a needle. You can get a tweezer and the needle from copic, they sell them for this purpose. I dont feel the need to buy these, so i usually just drop the ink on the tip (15-20 drops), and im good to go.

Make sure to lay them flat on the table for a quite some time before using them again.


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