If you plan to get copic markers while visiting Japan, here are some tips to make the most of your time and money. First of all let’s get started with the basics.

You will need the following:

  1. Shopping list (Know/plan what will you get)
  2. Passport
  3. Cash or credit card (make sure you will spend more than 5000¥ excl. tax or 5400¥ incl. tax)

Of course, the most important thing you will need to bring is your passport. I will tell you why. First of all, to get the 8% tax exemption, you will need to present your passport. Second of all, if you plan to buy your copics in Tokyu hands (which you should!), you can get 5% discount additionally. Don’t worry, i’ll get that in a second and explain the details.

So how much do they cost?

  • Copic Sketch: 380¥
  • Copic Original (Classic): 380¥
  • Copic Ciao: 250¥
  • Copic Various ink refill: 380¥
  • Copic Multiliner: 200¥
  • Copic Multiliner Brush/Calligraphy: 250¥
  • Airbrush Starter’s set: 5200¥
  • Colourless Blender 200ml: 1500¥
  • 24 Copic Sketch Wallet: 1300¥
  • Wire stand: 4300¥

(These prices are excluding tax)

For sets of 24, 72, etc., you just have to multiply the price of each marker with the number of markers in the set, simple as that. There is no special price if you buy them in a set. For example, the 36 Set A Copic Ciao markers costs exactly 9000¥ (250¥ x 36). On the bright side, you will get the plastic box which comes in handy for storage purposes.

In Tokyo, i went to several stationary shops to compare the prices and concluded that they cost pretty much the same everywhere. You can save all the trouble looking for cheaper shops.

So where should you get them? You can find other blogs out there listing several shops like Itoya, Loft, Tools and whatnot but what i recommend is to go to Tokyu hands and shop till you drop!

And why is that? For all customers who hold a foreign passport, you will get 5% discount if you show the cashier your coupon code. You can get the coupon code here:

5% Coupon code

My suggestion is to browse the site on your smartphone and take screenshot of the coupon. Show the coupon code to the cashier and they will scan it. It will add 5% discount to your whole purchase. The website tells you to show your passport to the cashier, but the cashiers at Tokyu hands didn’t even bother to check mine and scanned the code off my smartphone immediately upon showing. Prepare your passport just in case.

Double check if the code works and that the 5% is deducted from your total purchase. That’s why it is good to plan your purchase beforehand so you will know how much exactly you will pay. That is one of the reason why i included “shopping list” in the list above.

Another reason is the tax exemption. Make sure you will plan your purchase carefully since you can only get the tax exemption if you spend more than 5000¥ excl. tax in one purchase.   What does that mean and how does that work?

Let’s make an example. If you buy one Copic Sketch marker at Tokyu hands, you will end up paying 410¥. How come the marker costs 30¥ more at the register? This is the price of the marker including 8% tax. In Tokyu hands they don’t always show the price with tax included on the rack or on the item. To be sure, you can always check for signs or ask their employees.

So to get the tax exemption, you will need to spend more than 5400¥ incl. tax on one purchase at Tokyu hands. Notice that the 400¥ is the 8% surchage. To get the 400¥ back, you need to go to the information desk or tax refund desk. Show them your passport and the receipt of your purchase. Also make sure that you do this at the same day or purchase, this is important! If done correctly, they will reimburse your 400¥ in cash.

It is helpful if you plan what to buy and know how much they will cost. I actually had to split my shopping list to two and went to different Tokyu hands stores. The first store in Shibuya didn’t have 10 refill ink colours that i want. So i would’ve had to find the rest in another store which i did. But if i would’ve bought only these 10 refills, the final bill would’ve added up to 4100¥ and i would’ve been ineligible for tax exemption. Just an insider tip: You probably should check out Tokyu hands in Shinjuku since they carry more copic stuffs there.

If you’re also interested in other copic-related items, you can check out these copic papers:

The A4 size papers cost 500¥, 40 sheets. The smaller one which a hardcover book incl. 30 sheets which costs 600¥.

Cool huh?

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Thank you for the guide. I’ll be going in October this year so the updated info is much appreciated!


Your welcome! Have fun on your trip to Japan!


Thank you so much for the information! Did I understand that correctly, that I can use that coupon more than once in different Tokyo Hands stores? Or even more than one in the same store on different days?


I do not know whether my comment got just deleted or don’t show it… I am sorry for posting twice >.<;.
The 5% coupon from Tokyo Hands. Can it be uses more than one in different stores or even in the same store (on different days)?


Your comment wasn’t deleted, i need to approve the comments first before they get posted 🙂
Yes the coupon can of course, be used multiple times. It just adds 5% Discount to all of your items. But if you want to be sure, you can go on their Facebook page and ask them there 🙂


What is the price of the markers in US Dollars?


You have to check the current currency exchange, but 100 Yen is roughly about 0.90-1.00 US Dollars. So 1 Copic sketch marker (380yen) can go around 3.50-3.80 US Dollars excluding tax.


What the location of this Specific Tokyu Hand exactly?


There are several Tokyu Hands stores around Tokyo, but worth mentioning are those in Shibuya and Shinjuku. You could find the exact address on Google. I used Apple map on my Smartphone and searched for Tokyu Hands when i was at both places, and walked for a good 10-20 minutes (didn’t bother me). Of course if you don’t have an iPhone, you could use Google map but i had bad experince with Google map in Tokyo. It didn’t work as good as Apple map.


Thank you so much for this info! I will be going to Japen this October-November and I definitely will be purchasing some COPIC markers 🙂


I spent a lot of time to find something like this

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